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Exceptional Legal Representation in Real Estate Transactions

Michael A. Trinkler, PA is a boutique law firm that offers affordable and knowledgeable legal representation for clients or property owners that are participating in real estate transactions involving the purchase, sale, or refinancing of commercial or residential property.  For over 15 years, the firm has competently guided and advised individuals, families, businesses, trusts, private and corporate investors, as well as real estate professionals in the full spectrum of complex issues that can affect each real estate transaction.  
Our clients can rely upon the extensive experience of the firm’s professional team to vigilantly protect their interests and guide them through important decisions. The firm’s unique value proposition is that we are easily accessible and approachable at all times.

Services Provided

The Trinkler Law professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in various aspects of the real estate industry and transactions involving real property.  We represent a broad spectrum of clients, including first-time buyers, existing owners, experienced buyers and sellers, sophisticated investors, and borrowers.   We offer legal advice and real estate settlement closing services throughout the state of Florida for three primary types of transactions: purchase, sale and refinancing.  These services are offered in all phases of residential and commercial real estate matters.

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